Our one-of-a-kind cheese, cutting, and centerpiece boards are handcrafted from start to finish to bring out their natural beauty. The wood is select Cherry, sustainably harvested in Canaan, New York, and milled locally in Columbia County. It is then air-dried for three to four months before being planed to various thicknesses, depending on the board type.

Each board is sanded by hand, and the top is sealed with a combination of double-filtered organic beeswax and walnut oil to create a food-safe surface. The bottom and sides are sealed with a low-luster water-based polyurethane. Nonskid feet elevate the board from your work or serving surface.

Each board comes in a muslin bag with our trademark logo and easy care instructions.

Dimensions (approximate)

Cheeseboards18 & 24in6-7in1in
Cutting Board15-17 in10-12in1-1.25in
Centerpiece Board36in6-7in1in

*All boards are available in custom lengths, email or call for a quotation.

Why Choose Wood

Wood is an excellent choice for cutting and cheese boards as timber, unlike any other cutting surface, contains its own antibacterial properties - anti microbial chemicals, therefore making it more resistant to bacterial growth than plastic. Detailed studies have been carried out by the University of California which positively prove that plastic cutting boards once used, i.e. knife scarred are technically impossible to clean manually as food residue within the knife scarred cracks allow bacteria to grow and multiply, unlike in wood where bacteria will not multiply and will eventually die, (dependent on quantity of bacteria). Obviously we do not want you to experiment in such a manner!

Wood cutting board are also kinder to your knives, alternative surfaces will over a short time cause your knives to become blunt.